At UK Online Tools our aim is to supply quality accessories, hand and power tools at competitive prices dispatched fast door to door. The founders of this site have been in the business of supplying tools and accessories for nearly 40 years. Supplying to all walks of industry, including film and television, as well as the building, carpentry, plumbing, engineering and electrical trades. There are lots of quality products available from UK Online Tools, many manufactured across Europe, of a design and build quality far in excess of the more commonly known branded items available from the more well advertised high street retail outlets. The aim of this site is to supply the more superior exclusive branded products as well as the more daily consumable items.

UK Online Tools source and supply accessories as well as hand and power tools that are good value, well manufactured products. There will always be a cheaper alternative when it comes to buying accessories and hand tools, but for consumers who value and appreciate quality items at good prices, UK Online Tools have brands that deliver just that. Such as the Veto tool bags, build quality second to none and with a 5 year zero downtime warranty.